Soap Box Derby 2017

The countdown is on for an Elk Grove boy. On Saturday, 12 year old Nick O'brien is going to be racing in the All American Soap Box Debry Finals in Akron, Ohio. Elk Grove has a long Soap Box Derby legacy, producing three world champions and three more Top 5 finishers between 1970 & '75. 

"It's my only chance to drive a car and I'm a big fan of cars" says Nick. 

There are no engines, these cars following gravity down the hill.  The cars are actually kits so everyone has the same wheels and same body. But Sean O'brien, Nick's Dad, says understanding the nuances and paying attention to detail can make a big difference at the finishline.

 "He came up the first time down the hill and said 'I wanna keep doing this!'"

That was 3 seasons ago.  In 2017 the soft spoken Nick was undefeated on the rally circuit and won the local championships back in May. 

Nick's friend Audry Dierssen is now racing, "It's really cool" she says "It's just you, the wind and you're going down the hill."

In the Soap Box Derby, you don't have to be the biggest, strongest or the fasted; just steady behind the wheel. All American Soap Box Derby Finals will be live streamed on Saturday July 22 at

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