New Chancellor Now On The Job At UC Davis

Meet the new boss at UC Davis.  He is definitely not the same as the old boss.

During his first day on the job Tuesday the new UC Davis chancellor, Gary May, did not shy away from questions about his predecessor, Linda Katehi, whose is receiving a $318,000 per year salary as a professor of engineering and gender studies.  May insisted that the amount is in line with others in her field.

May also says he feels good about being chosen to follow Katehi.  "What that says to me is that the people that were involved in the process of selecting me feel like I can be someone who can turn the page and move forward to a future that's more productive and brighter," May said. "I don't plan to spend a lot of time thinking about what has happened in the past."

New UC Davis Chancellor Gary May.  Photo by Ryan Harris, KFBK.

The former Georgia Tech Engineering dean said his wife gave him ideas about how to tackle a problem of sexual assault which is becoming a bigger concern on college campuses across the country.  "We will take the perspective of trying to be proactive and trying to educate the student population, but also providing a supportive environment for people who may become victims of such assaults."

May added that he will continue to serve on boards outside the University, which he sees both as a badge of honor and an opportunity to raise money for the school. 

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