Group Protests Sacto Ordinance Limiting Neighborhood Rallies

Leaders of dozens of local organizations gathered at Sacramento City Hall on Tuesday to protest a proposed ordinance they say would restrict their free speech rights.

The groups say the proposed limits on marches and rallies within 300 feet of any residential building goes too far in restricting their rights to protest in any public area.Protesters at Sacramento City Hall.  Photo by Ryan Harris, KFBK News.

Fiorella Lema is with NorCal Resist. "I have a right to be outraged.  I have a right to be angry in the public space," Lema saids. "I have a right to say 'this person is hurting me', 'this person is hurting my family,' 'this person is hurting us'.

The proposal also includes a section that would allow authorities to remove anyone from a public facility, like a park or City Hall, should they make too much noise.

Mayor Darrell Steinberg said he will ask the city council to remove the sections on noise and neighborhood protests and move the rest of the ordinance forward for discussion at next week's meeting. He is proposed changes would include the section of the ordinance that restricts so-called "aggressive panhandling" near businesses, ATMs and street medians.

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