West Nile Virus Confirmed In Two NorCal Counties

The Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito and Vector Control District confirmed this week that the first two mosquito samples of the season have tested positive for West Nile virus.  The mosquito samples were collected near Zamora in northern Yolo County and near Isleton in south Sacramento County. "Despite the unusually cool temperatures we’ve had these past few days, we are detecting West Nile virus activity," said Gary Goodman, District Manager. "It’s important for residents to take these findings seriously because it confirms the presence of the virus within our area," added Goodman.  Solano County officials said they have identified three cases of virus carrying mosquitoes as well.Getty Images

Experts said that with hotter weather during the latter part of this week, the number of mosquitoes will likely go up. "In very hot temperatures like the ones being forecasted, a mosquito can complete its lifecycle and go from an egg to a flying adult in as little as four to seven days. When you consider that a single female mosquito can lay 50 to 200 eggs at a time, this makes for a lot of mosquitoes very quickly and a higher risk for becoming infected with West Nile virus," warned Goodman.

It is advised that the public should take proper precautions to stay protected. "As people enjoy outdoor activities during the warm spring evenings, it’s important to remember that the best protection against mosquito bites is an effective insect repellent," said Goodman.

For more information about the effort to prevent the spread of West Nile virus, you may visit www.FIGHTtheBITE.net.  You may subscribe to mailing lists to receive email notifications for upcoming mosquito treatments by zip code. To sign up, go to Spray Notifications on the website.

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