A Stray Dog Deemed Un-Adoptable Is Now a Harvey Hero

Rocket was brought to the Sacramento SPCA in 2015, but had some traits that kept him from adoption. 

Dawn Foster with the SPCA says their rescue team works to find other placements for those dogs.

"We partner with rescue partners to find placement for these dogs that may not be considered adoptable," says Foster. 

Rocket was suggested for the National Rescue Search Dog Foundation, but failed his first evaluation. After a few months living in a home outside of the shelter, Denise Sanders with the foundation says he really started to blossom.

"The second time we evaluated him, he passed with flying colors," says Foster. "They donated him to the Search Dog Foundation and he has been a rocket and rockstar ever since."

Rocket is now in Texas as part of FEMA California Task Force 4 with his trusty partner Windsor firefighter Mike Stornetta.

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