More Unauthorized Accounts At Wells Fargo - What Can You Do?

Wells Fargo says it may have opened more than a million more unauthorized accounts than it had previously announced. That could mean many more consumers are eligible for refunds and credits.

With the new revelation, once again current and former customers are left to wonder if there are fraudulent accounts in their names. The bank has promised to reach out to affected customers. But KFBK financial expert Kelly Brothers says if he were a Wells Fargo customer, he would take proactive steps.

"Here's what I would do. I would get my credit score. I would figure out exactly what that is. I would gather the paperwork on the accounts I do have at a Wells Fargo and I would go into a branch," said Brothers.

And that's exactly what Wells Fargo is recommending. 

Brothers continued "Ask to talk to a banker. Ask if any accounts were opened in my name. They need to be able to tell you."

There is also a dedicated hotline for people who want to find out if they are affected. That number is 877-924-8697.

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