New Details Emerge in Sacramento Deputy Shooting

New revelations today that provide a fuller picture of last week's shooting death of Sacramento County Sheriff's Deputy Robert French.  It's information that shows how heroic the deputy was. 

Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones says Deputy French ignored a bullet that went through his patrol car and continued trying to stop the man who engaged in a shootout with officers at the Ramada Inn on Auburn Blvd in Sacramento.

Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones

"Deputy French was wearing a bullet-proof vest," says Jones. " It entered into his shoulder, went through soft tissue, and went through his heart which ultimately killed him."

According to the sheriff, the suspect fired 34 rounds from his assault rifle and over a dozen rounds from a 9 millimeter handgun. 

Deputy French refused to quit and that allowed other officers to get to cover, quite possibly saving lives. 

"Exhibiting extraordinary and conspicuous bravery in the line of duty still, stilled continued to engage the suspect keeping him pinned down," says Jones. 

The sheriff believes it may have been a bullet fired by Deputy French that lead to the suspect's death. 

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