CA Fees And Taxes Problem For Unsuspecting Mobile Home Owners

When you buy a car, you have to register it with the state and pay the registration fees, but there are thousands of people in our state who might not know the same is true if you own a mobile or manufactured home.

Mobile homes used to be treated much like cars, only now the registration fees go to the Department of Housing and Community Development instead of the DMV.

The problem is as many as 160,000 people bought them without getting a proper title transfer and without knowing they had to pay those fees.

So Housing and Community Development director, Ben Metcalf, says they got approval from lawmakers to waive those fees provided you get your home registered and pay future fees.

Photo by Ryan Harris, KFBK

"The reality is that times are tough for a lot of households out there," Metcalf says, "and so if you go in with your paperwork, and you find out that you're going to have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars in back taxes and fees, you may say 'Thank you very much. I prefer to just take my risks.'"

$30 is the low end of the fee range, which means the state also loses at least $3.5 million and likely a lot more in revenue each year.

Taking part in the program will also wipe out liens that could block everything from getting permits to install a new water heater to selling your home.  Click here to register you mobile or manufactured home and take advantage of the fee and tax waiver program.

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