Pink Patch Project

The "thin blue line" in our area will now include a hint of pink.

The Pink Patch Project started down in Irwindale as a way to bring awareness to the problem of breast cancer, and now law enforcement agencies from San Diego to Siskiyou Counties, and Colusa, California to Cohasset, Massachusetts wear them.

Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn says his department wanted to join in this year to encourage people to support breast cancer research.

"There's probably not a family in our country that's not been affected by cancer in some form or fashion," says Hahn. "And breast cancer is one of those cancers if detected early, it can be prevented and cured, so we really want to help bring awareness to that."

Chief Hahn says Pink Patch Project goes to the core of their mission: to improve the quality of life in the community. And, he adds, if you or someone in your family is suffering with cancer, that doesn't do much for your quality of life. 

In Sacramento, you can get patches for $10 at the North Station on Marysville Boulevard or headquarters on Freeport to support Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation. 

Many of the departments in the Pink Patch Project do it to support organizations like the Susan G. Komen Foundation, City of Hope or the American Cancer Society.

 CHP, California Department of Corrections, Elk Grove and Marysville Police are some of the state and local agencies involved.

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