Big Rig Protest Heads Towards Fresno

Sacramento-area drivers estimate 200+ big rigs on the roadway this morning in opposition a new federal rule requiring electronic logging devices in trucks. 

The protest is heading down Highway 99 and will end in Fresno, where hundreds of long-haul truck drivers already held a protest on Thursday.

Truckers say the new electronic logbooks, which are replacing paper logbooks, will force them to stop even if they’re in a dangerous area.

Click here for traffic updates. 

Shawn Yadon, CEO of the California Trucking Association issued the following statement in response to the ongoing big rig protest:

“CTA is not associated with today’s protest. We support truckers’ rights to express their opinions on the upcoming implementation of the federal Electronic Logging Device mandate, including their right to protest. We do not condone unsafe and illegal activities, including creating dangerous driving conditions by impeding traffic on busy freeways.”

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