Flood Preparedness Week

Winter is coming... And the risk of catastrophic floods exists, even in a drought.

State water managers want to make sure you're ready with food, supplies and everything else you need in case of a flood. 

Elk Grove City Councilman Darren Suen who also works for the State Department of Water Resources' Division of Flood Management says if you live in a wildfire burn zone, there's an even greater risk in a heavy rain. 

"There's a lot more run off," says Suen. "It grabs boulders and rock and starts to flush all of that downhill, where there are homes."

Suen says you can find out more about flood insurance from FEMA because it's a good bet your homeowner's policy doesn't cover floods.

"There is a 30 day waiting period for flood insurance to take effect," explains Suen. "A lot of people also don't realize that flood insurance isn't covered by your home owner's insurance." 

California Flood Preparedness Week runs until the 28th. For more tips on how to be prepared, click here.

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