Sac Emergency Responders Train For Active Shooter Scenarios

Mass shootings from Columbine to Las Vegas are the motivation for a special joint training exercise with Sacramento Metro Fire and the County Sheriff's Office.

With assault weapons drawn and pointed outward, sheriff's deputies surrounded firefighters with 'force protection' and led them to a building at the Metro Fire training facility in Rancho Cordova, where they 'rescued' a new training dummy that can simulate someone who's hurt so realistically, it actually bleeds.

Sheriff's Lieutenant Orrlando Mayes says even though they don't always get to work or train directly with firefighters, there's one key to making it work and finding calm in the chaos.

"It's just trusting each other," says Mayes. "Trusting that we're gonna keep them safe and we trust that they're gonna do their job and help people. We'll work cohesively together."

One of the potential speed bumps when deputies and fire work together is that they don't always speak the same language. So, when radio calls go out from a unified command, it's in plain English so there's no confusion. 

The end goal is to get injured people to medical help as quickly as possible, which they say saved lives in Las Vegas.

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