Firefighters Fill Downtown Ice Rink

There's another sign the holidays will soon be upon us. Firefighters are lending a hose to prepare downtown Sacramento's outdoor ice rink.

It takes hundreds of gallons of water not easily available at 7th and K, so Sacramento Firefighter Dan Hudson and the crew on his engine pulled up to St. Rose of Lima Park and soaked the pipes full of 10-degree coolant that will keep the ice frozen. 

"We had to come out here, help you guys out, fill the bowl with water," Hudson says, "I enjoy it.  I bring my kids here, and I'll tell them 'you're skating on my work here.'"

Jordyn Anderson with the Downtown Sacramento Partnership says it's not an easy job, so Sac Fire's assistance is much-needed and much appreciated. 

"Layer by layer we have to add water and freeze the ice over a week-long period or so," says Anderson. "This year, they were gracious enough to come out here and give us some extra water and some help."

Opening Ceremony for the downtown Ice Rink is next Friday, November 3rd at 10:00 AM. It'll be open every day except Christmas through January 15th. 

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