Most Haunted Places In The Sacramento Area

Paranormal investigators in the Sacramento area say this is one of the most haunted places around.  Several investigators told KFBK that they have evidence of ghosts in a variety of locations like the California History Museum, Crocker Museum, the old governor's mansion, old Sacramento, and more.

Anthony Sanchez lives in the Lincoln area and is creator of the Ghost Hunter apps.  He's also made a film on paranormal activity around Northern California titled, "Haunted Minds: The Ghostbox Sessions."

Charlotte Kosa is with California Haunts Paranormal Investigation Team. She believes the most haunted place in the Sacramento region is the Sacramento Theater Company.  She has been a paranormal investigator for years, and says she has collected what are called electronic voice phenomenon (EVPs) recordings that she believes are prove of the afterlife.

Most Haunted Sacramento Places: Charlotte Kosa EVP Evidence

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