8 Dead, 15 Injured in Shooting in Lower Manhattan

Authorities are securing the scene where 8 people were killed and were 15 injured in an incident in Lower Manhattan. 

The details of exactly what happened are still unclear.  The NYPD says a vehicle entered a bike path and struck multiple people, killing several of them. The department added that the suspect exited the vehicle, brandished "imitation firearms" and was shot by police.  

NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill says the suspect is being treated after being shot in the abdomen. O'Neill said the suspect's pistols turned out to be a paintball gun and a pellet gun.

Police officers, including the bomb squad, responded to the scene and several nearby buildings, including Stuyvesant High School, were placed on lockdown, with those inside told to take shelter.

Video shows several mangled bicycles in the area popular with bicyclists. Mayor Bill de Blasio's office says there's no active threat in the area. 

The suspect is in custody. Police sources say statements from the suspect have prompted a terror investigation.

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