Kidde Recalls Fire Extinguishers

 The Consumer Product Safety Commission says almost 40 million fire extinguishers might not work in an emergency.  That has officials launching a massive recall of Kidde fire extinguishers. 

Chris Dargan of the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District says the extinguishers are being recalled because of an issue with their nozzle.

“The nozzle can become clogged and won’t discharge properly in an emergency,” said Dargan.  “And there are other possible instances where the nozzle can come detached from the extinguisher and pose an impact hazard.”

There's no way to test your extinguisher because it's single use and once you pull the pin it needs to be replaced. 

“If the extinguisher is included in the recall, you can go to Kidde and they will provide a replacement free of charge,” added Dargan.

The federal recall includes 134 models manufactured since 1973. A link to the list of those recalled will be found here.

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