Ski Resort Report Card

The SnowSport Safety Foundation is responding to the absence of industry wide safety standards at area ski resorts issuing their 2017 Family Safety Report Card for California mountain resorts. They say the report card calls for transparency.

Richard  Penniman with the Snow Sport Safety Foundation that’s as with any other good or service…consumers should know the risk and what resorts are doing doing to minimize those. 

"People believe there is a standard because that's the way our society works," says Pienniman. "It should be the same in the resort community as well, but for some reason it isn't, and they've flown under the radar for quite some time."

Dr. Dan Gregorie president with the foundation says if the danger is real then safety is too.

"The risk of death during one hour on a ski slope is roughly equivalent to the risk of death during one hour behind the wheel of a car," says Dr. Gregorie.

On the safety report card Donner got a D, North Star, Sugar Bowl, Sierra at Tahoe all received a C. Heavenly a C+.

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