Pot For Pets? Local University Does Survey On Effects

Despite the growing interest in medical cannabis for humans, very little is known about the use and role of cannabis in pets. Veterinarian and researcher Jamie Peyton says very few in her field have conducted any significant research into the subject. She claims the U.C. Davis School of Veterinary Medicine is beginning to lead this charge with an anonymous survey to gather information on this topic. The data will then be used to educate the public on the growing role of these products in the pet population and potentially lead to future research.

You may take the survey anonymously by clicking here.Getty Images

Goals of survey include identifying the types of companion animals receiving these products; evaluation of the use and types of products being used in the pet population; identification of potential areas of owner perceived benefit and side effects in their pets; use of the information to help further understanding and discussion of the use of cannabis in our pet population; and potentially help further additional areas of medical cannabis research.


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