Sacramento Police Officer Who Punched Man Returns to Patrol

More than seven months after the Sacramento Police Department and the Sacramento County District Attorney's Office launched an investigation into the actions of an officer who was caught on video throwing a man suspected of jaywalking to the ground, the department decided that the officer will return to patrol operations.

Officer Anthony Figueroa stopped a pedestrian, identified as Nandi Cain Jr., on April 10 at the intersection of Grand Avenue and Cypress Street.

According to the department, Cain Jr., didn't follow the officer's commands and began to take off his jacket to challenge the officer to a fight, the officer is seen in the video forcing Cain to the ground and hitting him in the face. 

The Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office did not pursue charges against either the officer or pedestrian.

The department does say that, moving forward, a comprehensive review of use of force policy and training will be conducted.

Chief Hahn Courtesy of Sacramento Police Department

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