Mothers' Milk Bank 6th Annual Breastmilk Drive

You can bring your frozen expressed milk to donate to babies in need.

 Sutter Health is supporting Mothers' Milk Bank of San Jose to ensure breastmilk to families and infants in need.

"It's the perfect food. It has all the nutrients, calories, and immune-fighting proteins to help babies grow," says Dr. Zoey Goore, a pediatrician with Kaiser Permanente. 

For babies whose mothers can't breastfeed, donated milk offers an opportunity for breastmilk exposure.

If you already have stored milk, it has to be less than 6 months old. 

Milk collection locations for the week will be in Sacramento, Folsom and Davis.

Adam Perez is at the Kaiser Permanente Women and Children’s Center NICU in Roseville. He is premature, living off donated breast milk.

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