Local Crews Lend Help Against Ventura County Wildfires

As wildfires continue to ravage parts of Southern California, fire crews from all over the state are on their way to pitch in. Several Sacramento area teams are on their way to provide assistance.

Four local strike teams and 20 engines are on their way to help out. Several of the engines are the type you would see around town. They will likely be used to help protect homes and other buildings. Others on their way are designed to work in more remote areas. 

"Typically 4-wheel drive, better off-road access. And different types of equipment for making long hose lays to extend into areas that are more vegetative in nature," says Chris Vestal with Sac Metro Fire.

Southern California has not received its normal precipitation yet this year. Dry brush coupled with Santa Ana winds are driving the fires. Vestal says things look better in our area though because of recent rains. But that could change quickly. 

"If we don't get any more rain for several more weeks, our fuels will dry out again."

And that could mean an early fire season for Northern California.

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