Local Shelter Seeks Adopters For The Holiday Season

The Bradshaw Animal Shelter is desperately seeking people to adopt dogs this holiday season. They are overrun with dogs right now, even going so far as to house some of them in rooms meant for cats and kittens. 

Janna Haynes with the County of Sacramento says "All of our single kennels are being taken up by out large dogs so our smaller dogs are being double, triple, quadrupled up in their kennels in these larger cat rooms, which is a totally different environment for them."

Haynes says they need adopters, fosters and more volunteers at the shelter to help care for the dogs. She says it's a serious situation and could affect their ability to help properly care for the animals. 

"We have jobs for every kind of person, light load, heavy load, you can work directly with the animals or not," she says. "It's kind of a serious situation right now as far as our capacity, and our ability to properly care for the animals."

For information on how to volunteer at the shelter, click here.

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