Sacramento Becomes Part of Advance Peace Pilot Program

The Sacramento city council recently approved a resolution to begin a relationship with the anti-violence  program "Advance Peace." The fellowship officially kicked off today in Sacramento.

The program seeks out hard-to-reach young men at the center of violence and invites them to participate in opportunities to change the directions of their lives. Mayor Darrell Steinberg, city council members and program supporters all gathered at the Valley Hi community center in South Sacramento, a neighborhood which has suffered more than its fair share of violent crime.

“We did this especially this way to gather the community to sign a document that commits us all to making a difference in the lives of our communities and to reduce gun violence,” Steinberg said at the afternoon press conference.

Critics of the program point to stipens paid to the participants. But City Manager Howard Chan says no city money will be used for them.

“Instead, they will be funded by Advance Peace directly and their foundation partners,” said Chan.

Richmond, CA has a similar program but it is operated by the city. Sacramento will be the first city in the nation to implement a pilot program operated by the Advance Peace organization.

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