Email Scam Seeks Bitcoin Payments

'Tis the season for scams... And a particularly threatening one is making the rounds in town right now.

A death threat email is popping up in inboxes across the nation right now, and it's hit so many people in the Sacramento area that the Placer County Sheriff's Office has had to issue a warning.

The letter, which claims to have been written by a paid hitman, threatens to shoot people if they don't send an untraceable payment in bitcoin to the sender. 

KFBK talk show host and former Sacramento Sheriff John McGinness says these types of emails are common, but it's important to stay calm even in the face of threats.

"If you see something of this nature, be suspicious," says McGinness. "Understand that this is likely a scam. Don't respond to it." 

The Placer County Sheriff's office requests that you don't make a report if you've gotten the email, because it is untraceable, but rather, warn neighbors and friends to ignore it.

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