Support Relief For Puerto Rico Organized California Councilmember

More than three months after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, the Caribbean Island is still struggling. Now a Sacramento City Councilmember is stepping in to help provide relief.

On September 20, 2017, Hurricane Maria forever changed the lives of 3.5 million Puerto Ricans. On November 9th, Councilmember Allen Warren took a trip Puerto Rico.

The visit included the municipalities of Cayey, Naguabo, and Vega Baja. Warren says they began in Cayey, a mountain town where there was a lack of quality drinking and portable water. The crops were devastated in the aftermath, which led to a loss of the town’s agriculture. 

Second, they toured the coastal area of Naguabo where they saw more than 700 homes without roofs. The residents were struggling to rebuild their homes due to lack of supplies. 

Warren says the most heartbreaking part of their visit was in the municipality of Vega Baja, which was one of the 15 most devastated areas in Puerto Rico. The majority of homes were lost while the remaining had only their floors left standing.

Warren has set up a GoFundme account in support of these specific areas in Puerto Rico because they are hard to reach and the recovery has been slow.  He is also organizing a donation drive to buy or provide the following supplies: 

Flashlights; Generators; Agricultural Seeds; Water filtered straws; Water filtered dispensers; Gift cards from Home Depot or Walmart.

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