California Is Hangry. Are You?

Hangry USA-Snickers Hungerithm

Do you get hangry or moody when you’re starving? According to new research by Snickers Bars, Californians are some of the ‘hangriest’ people in America. The research lists California as the second ‘hangriest’ state (tied with Florida) in America with New York hitting number one. 

The study also suggests it does not take long for Californians to reach a full blow 'hangry' tantrum. 

The science is simple: when hangry sets in it changes the chemistry in your body and makes you angry. 

When you’re hangry you produce more cortisol in your system and that stress hormone is what allows you to get this feeling of anger. The system is creating chemicals that is making them [people] be aggressive,”said Healthy Living Expert Dr. Fab Mancini. 

Increases in cortisol when you’re hangry causes various shifts in mood and can even cause people to lash out. 

Studies have shown us in the past, anytime you go through a stretch of time in which you haven’t put anything in your system, within three to four hours, you’re going to experience hangry,”added Mancini.

According to the research gathered by Snickers Hungerithms, hangry Californians can go from what the study calls ‘pretty chill’ to ‘furious’ on the hangry chart in just 18 minutes. 

Being hangry can bleed into every part of your day… work, commute, family life. Twenty six percent of people have cried from hangriness while 22% say they have had full blown tantrums. 

Ward off hangry with a snack like fruit, nuts or granola every few hours. 

“Make sure that you eat a healthy breakfast, a healthy lunch and a healthy dinner with a snack in between,” advised Mancini.

Peak time for hangriness according to Snickers Hungerithms is Monday’s at 2:15 in the afternoon. Wisconsinites are the best at controlling their hangry moods and not letting the need to feed get the best of them. 

Australia partnered with 7-Eleven to fight hangry. When anger goes up across the internet, Snickers prices go down. The angrier people are, the cheaper the Snickers. Click here to see the campaign and the  results.

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