50 Years Have Passed Since Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Concert

Saturday, January 13th, marks the 50th anniversary of the Folsom Prison concert given by country music legend Johnny.  The concert took place on a makeshift stage in the prison cafeteria.


Cash went on to make an album from the two shows he gave at the prison back in 1968. 92.5 The Bull program director and air talent B-Dub said it also gave a real boost to Cash's career and made him the icon he is today.  "The most successful people in the world, whether it be musicians or creative people, you don't get where you are by staying within the lines," he said. "That's what performance did for Johnny Cash.

The concert also put Folsom Prison on the map.  A museum was opened at the prison, and today it is filled with memorabilia, including photos from the Johnny Cash concert.  Officials said that is the first thing most visitors to the museum ask about when they arrive.


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