Wildfire victims could get help with insurance claims

A package of legislative bills aimed at helping California wildfire victims with insurance claims is being introduced at the State Capitol.

The "Wildfire Survivors Recovery Blueprint" aims to give Californians the resources they need to rebuild their lives.

“Many of the legislative proposals provide additional time for consumers to get elements of their coverage,” said Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones.  “Others enhance some of those coverages when disaster strikes.”  

Among the eight bill package is an effort by Assemblywoman Cecelia Aguiar-Curry to give wildfire victims an additional year to rebuild their homes and businesses after a catastrophic wildfire and to collect the full amount of replacement cost coverage.

“Grieving families should not have to worry about their coverage being cut off after 24 months,” said Aguir-Curry.

Senator Bill Dodd is working to allow disaster victims to recover living expenses for three years after a catastrophic loss.

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