GOP Immigration Ads Offer Extremely Different Viewpoints

The GOP is taking two very different approaches to illegal immigration.  On the national level there is the recent ad approved by President Trump's campaign team which uses Sacramento murder defendant Luis Bracamontes as a poster boy of sorts for worries over illegal immigration and related crime.  That ad claims Democrats will complicit in any murders committed by illegal immigrants, as is alleged in the Bracamontes case, until leaders in the Democrat part stop opposing immigration reforms like the border wall.

However, an organization called New Way California is falling back on decades old immigration policy promoted by President Ronald Reagan back in the 1980s in his "shining city" speech on immigration.  Reagan took a much softer view on immigration with the president calling for doors in any walls which might be need around his shining city where people of all backgrounds come together.

New Way California was started by former California Assembly GOP leader Chad Mayes and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Mayes was removed from his leadership role after working on a compromise for a climate change program with Democrats in the Assembly.

Mayes said early in January that the California GOP must distinguish itself from the national party and President Trump by taking an approach to immigration that is more in line with what California voters, including minorities, woman, and younger voters, want from their political leaders.

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