Covered CA Deadline Approaches

Covered California is in the final push to get people signed up before the deadline Wednesday night at midnight. In order to be sure you can get through the process, they’ll have extra staff on hand.

Executive director Peter Lee says lots of people wait until the last minute, and it’s here. But if you start the process today, they’ll help you get it done, even if it takes a couple of extra days.

“If you start that process today and we have such a surge, we will help you Thursday and Friday. But if you don’t start today, if you don’t get in line or get across the line today, you may go a year without health insurance coverage. That’s a gamble we want no Californian to take,” says Lee.

State Senator Ed Hernandez is chair of the Senate Health Committee. He says Covered California is a special and unique exchange. “It is an active purchasing exchange that does everything it can to control costs but more importantly, to make sure that everybody has access to quality health care,” said Hernandez.

Consumers interested in learning about coverage options should go to where they can get help to enroll. They can also find out if they qualify for financial help by using their Shop and Compare Tool.

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