Sierra Snow Pack Statewide Average Up Significantly

Department of Water Resources officials say the Sierra snow pack is up significantly after last week's round of storms. Officials say the massive amount of fresh snow in some locations doubled or tripled the existing snow pack.  Today's manual survey at the Phillips Snow Course revealed a depth of roughly 41-inches, and nearly nine-and-a-half-inches of water content.  That is 39-percent of average for that location.  The statewide snowpack is averaging 37-percent.

Frank Gerhke with DWR noted during Monday's supplemental snow pack survey that last year at the same location the snow depth was approximately 180-percent of average.  That, say water management officials is typical of the new normal for California weather.  The suggest there will be a cycle of boom and bust years with snow and rainfall amounts varying great from one year to the next.

Since last the latest winter storm hit last last Wednesday, Kirkwood has received 81-inches of snow, followed by Sierra at Tahoe with 75-inches.  Soda Springs checked-in with 59-inches and Sugar Bowl with 58-inches.  Kingvale and Northstar each had 57-inches of snow.  Forecasters say there is more snow on the way as soon as Wednesday.



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