Dancing With The Stars Comes To Stockton

It's one of the longest running shows on primetime television - 25 seasons and still going strong!  Thursday night, the performers who keep you tuning in to Dancing with the Stars week after week bring the sparkle and energy of their winter tour to the Stockton Arena.

“Fans can expect not just a dance show, but an experience,” said professional dancer Alan Bersten.  “They really get to see the personalities on the show.  It’s not just the dance steps.”

Bersten is one of a dozen professionals on the Dancing with the Stars "Light up the Night" tour.

“We have Lindsay, Sharna, Emma, Artem, Gleb, Sasha, Keo…”

…and, of course, reigning champions Jordan Fisher and Lindsey Arnold - who are still basking in the glow of winning the Mirrorball Trophy.

“We had an incredible journey,” said Fisher.  “We went on an adventure together.  For twelve weeks we danced every day… To be part of her first win is something that I’m really proud of,” the pop singer added.

“I watched Dancing with the Stars, Season One, and every season after that” said Arnold.  “I was, I think, twelve years old when it came out. I would watch every single week and vote.  I would always think ‘Oh my gosh, it would be so cool to do that’ - never though it would be possible… and here I am!”

With the pressure of competition off, the dancers get a chance to tell their stories.

“A lot of time on the TV show it’s all about the celebrities,” Bersten explained.  “We have a few moments where it’s about us.  This is for the fans to really know who they’re rooting for.”

In addition to getting to know the DWTS professionals, the tour features plenty of dancing. 

“We have Cha-cha, Samba, Argentine Tango, Quick Step, Charleston… everything you can imagine…” Bersten said. 

Jordan and Lindsey hope this week's show will bring you some of the joy they felt on Finals Night.

“I don’t even remember that moment ‘cause I was kind of just in shock,” said Lindsay with a smile in her voice.  “It’s really cool to watch it and see what actually happened and see the joy in our faces.  It was insane!”

Tickets are still available for Thursday night's show at the Stockton Arena. 


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