AG Xavier Becerra Speaks Out About Trump's Visit To CA

President Trump is supposed to visit California tomorrow for the first time since taking office. Attorney General Xavier Becerra says he's ready to show him how important the Golden state is to the nation.

The president will reportedly head to San Diego to observe several border wall prototypes. Becerra, who's filed 28 lawsuits against the Trump administration for California, says there's one thing he wants the President to understand.

"In California, we respect the rule of law," says Becerra. "And because we respect the rule of law, we've become number one in the nation in so many ways and we continue to lead, and become the sixth largest economy in the world." 

The Attorney General held a news meeting this morning. He was fired up about offshore drilling and gun laws, touting California as a leader on gun safety measures.

"It allows our law enforcement officers to retrieve firearms from those who have lost their right to posses them because they either committed felonies and are mentally unstable and a danger to themselves and others." 

It's unclear if Trump will meet with any state leaders while he's here.

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