California Lawmakers Call For Tuition Freeze

A bi-partisan coalition of state legislators is calling for a tuition freeze for students in the University of California and California State University systems.

With the universities asking for a combined $270 million in additional funding to avoid tuition increases, Democratic Senator Steve Glazer is leading an effort to use state budget reserves to prevent the potential hikes.

“The cost would be just a fraction of our current budget surplus,” said Glazer. 

Republican Senator Scott Wilk calls it an investment in California's future.

“We are blessed with great natural resources,” said Wilk.  “Geopolitically, we are the gateway to Asia.  Historically we’ve had the best trained workforce in the world and we’re letting that slip away because of underinvestment by your leaders here in Sacramento.”

 The UC office of the President is wholeheartedly supporting calls for renewed state funding of the university.   Officials say it’s critical to ensuring that the next generation receives the same excellent UC education as did previous generations.

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