Rock the Bald!

Keaton’s Child Cancer Alliance sponsors its “Signature” 2018 Elk Grove St. Baldrick’s head shaving event to raise funds for local pediatric cancer research. Jerry and Kenny Bell, in their 5th year of St. Baldrick’s participation, bring Team Bell Brothers back to their hometown of Elk Grove and join forces with friends, families and businesses on the LaurenStrong Team. Headlining this event in the regional Keaton‘s Alliance campaign, Bell Brothers and the Lauren Strong Team look forward to taking on Chicago and Las Vegas to earn the remarkable designation as the #1 St. Baldrick’s fundraising community in the U.S.

About Lauren: Lauren Strong often shared that she felt fortunate to have enjoyed a normal childhood— one free from the fear and anxiety she would later experience following her cancer diagnosis. Her support of child cancer research was motivated by the many younger children she met with whom she felt compassionate camaraderie. Her goal was to elevate awareness of child cancer and inspire strength and courage in the fight. The Bell Brothers, together with friends and family, embrace Lauren‘s competitive spirit as the community of Elk Grove comes together to support child cancer research fundraising and to make our region #1 in the nation in St. Baldrick’s fundraising through head shaving.


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