Puppy Left For Dead Now Recovering Thanks To Online Donations

A small puppy found beaten and dumped alongside a Sacramento county road last week is now recovering after going through extensive surgery thanks to the generosity of strangers.

The two-month old puppy was brought to the Bradshaw Animal Shelter last Tuesday.

“He had an inch and a half break in his skull where he basically had a hole,” said the Shelter’s Janna Hayes.  “All the bone matter that was from that hole was shattered inside of his skull and touching his brain.”

Thanks to more than $12,000 in online donations, the Pit Bull shelter workers named “Thomas" spent more than five hours in surgery at the U-C Davis Veterinary Clinic Thursday.

“They were able to remove all but one of the bone fragments,” said Hayes.

The piece that was left had a large vessel attached to it and was deemed too risky to remove. 

Doctors say Thomas will likely recover physically, but his long-term neurological prognosis is still unknown. 

Hayes says this effort would not be possible without the strategic work of their non-profit partner T.E.A.M. (Team 4 Animals). 

She says their instance that we pursue the expensive surgery if we could raise the funds and subsequent quick action to set up the fundraiser page is what allowed this fundraising and surgery process to go off without a hitch and so quickly. 

T.E.A.M. funds thousands and thousands of dollars worth of critical medical care for Bradshaw's animals every year.

Officials are still trying to figure out who’s responsible for Thomas' injuries.  If you know anything that might help solve the case, you're asked to contact the Bradshaw Animal Shelter.

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