Man Shot By Police Was Carrying Cell Phone, Not Tool Bar

The Sacramento Police Department is reporting a man shot and killed by officers didn't have a gun in his possession. 

Officers Sunday night confronted 23-year-old Stephen Clark in the backyard of a home on 29th Street in the Meadowview area and shot him multiple times after he extended his arms with what they believed to be a gun, but what they now know was a cell phone.

Clark was pronounced dead at the scene and no firearms were located at the scene. 

Dozens of Clark's family and friends protested last night near 29th Street where officers shot Clark four times in his family's backyard.

The two officers involved have been placed on standard paid administrative leave while the incident remains under investigation. Both were wearing body cameras, and all footage of the incident is expected to be released within 30 days.

Man Shot And Killed By Police In Sacramento Identified  - Thumbnail Image

Man Shot And Killed By Police In Sacramento Identified

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