Hundreds Come To CA State Capitol March For Our Lives

A group that started in the hundreds and grew to a few thousand people gathered, starting at Crocker Park, and then packed Capitol Mall for the March For Our Lives to end gun violence.  They ended their march at the State Capitol, where the core group stayed for more than four hours.

It's not just the teenagers who started this movement who were here.  There were people from young kids to grandparents, who say they want to see a world where kids feel safe in school.

Many of them carried homemade signs with the messages that kids not only deserve safety at school but to feel safe, like 'If guns don't kill people, why do mass killers use them?' 'Protect Kids not guns' and 'My life, my right.'

Jamie and her family came from Fairfield, and she says they chose their school because they felt it was safe.  "Nobody's safe anymore until it changes," Jamie says, beginning to cry, "I'm tired.  I don't want to feel the way I feel when I drop my kids off at school.  Her 10 year old son, Morgan, says he thinks about places like Parkland, Florida, when he goes to school.  "When it happens, I get kinda scared sometimes," Morgan says, "and I think about what I should do.  They tell you if somebody comes, you hide or you run.

Among the older members of the crowd that marched from Crocker Park was Theresa from Grass Valley, who says as a grandmother she has enough to worry about without school shootings.  Theresa says, "I have three children and eight grandchildren, and my grandchildren are worried.  They're in high school and in college, and it isn't a safe place.  We need some common sense gun laws."

 California gun rights groups say they want this day to be a good lesson in the 1st Amendment, and they hope they'll get the opportunity for a lesson in the 2nd Amendment.

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