Woman Sues Sacramento Police Officer Over Alleged Molestation

Just as protesters were taking over the streets of Sacramento Friday, a lawsuit was filed in federal court claiming misconduct by a Sacramento police officer. 

The suit claims a former officer Patrick Mulligan groped and sexually molested Candida Johnson during an arrest. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages and alleges false arrest and excessive and unnecessary force. 

In March of 2016, Johnson's cell phone was stolen and she used the "find my phone" app to locate it. She then confronted the people who in turn called the police. 

According to the lawsuit, officer Mulligan ordered Johnson to lift her shirt, then "violently grabbed Johnson's breasts and lifted up he bra." The suit goes on to claim that once at the jail, Mulligan "ran his hands in between her legs" claiming he was looking for drugs. 

Mulligan was not available for comment but in a Sacramento Bee article, he adamantly denies the accusations. 

We reached out to Johnson's attorney but did not hear back.

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