Sac Sheriff Responds To Alleged Hit-And-Run At Protest

The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department on Monday held a news conference to present video evidence regarding an incident on Saturday in which a protester was allegedly hit by a patrol vehicle.

Sheriff Scott Jones presented dash cam video from the department vehicle along with video from another department vehicle traveling in front of the other vehicle at the time of the incident.

Jones says the protesters were repeatedly told to back away from the vehicles after they were allegedly kicked and hit several times by people in the crowd.  He says the deputy driving the vehicle involved in the incident was unaware of what happened to the woman who claims to be have been hit.

The woman shown in video of the incident was reportedly take to a nearby hospital for treatment of minor injuries.  Sheriff's suggested during the news conference that woman is likely a "paid protester."

No protesters are currently being charged for any damage sustained by the sheriff's vehicle.

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