Davis School District working to Credential Special Education Teachers

The Davis school district is working to address a chronic shortage of special-education teachers.

In hopes of helping those interested in teaching special ed, the Yolo Solano Center for Teacher Credentialing is starting a two-year internship program to help participants take the courses and get the classroom experience they need.

“It allows one to enter the teaching profession through what we see as more of an accelerated program,” said Director Julianna Sykes.

Participants are supported on two levels.

“They’re matched up with a teacher within their school district who provides them support as well as a field supervisor, or coach, from our program,” Sikes explained.

To qualify, for the state-accredited program, potential teachers must be taking pre-service course work, have a Bachelor's degree, and a special ed teaching job offer from a school district.

The Center is hosting an in-person informational night April 16th and an on-line information session on April 19th. 


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