Law Professor says Police Donations to Sacramento D.A. are Legal

Black Lives Matter protestors are raising concerns about donations being made to Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert's re-election effort while she's investigating the shooting death of Stephon Clark. 

Are their concerns justified?

A legal expert says there appears to be nothing illegal about what the Schubert campaign is doing. 

“As long as the campaign contributions that are being made fall within any limitations that she has and as long as she is filing her campaign disclosure statements, they’re doing everything that they’re supposed to be doing,” said Mary Beth Moylan.

A professor at McGeorge School of Law, Moylan says that appears to be the case.

“I can see that the Schubert for District Attorney Campaign has disclosed the contributions by a couple of law enforcement groups over the last few weeks,” Moylan explained.

“That makes donation concerns political rather than legal and citizens can use the ballot box to express their opinion about police donations to the D.A.'s office.”

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