Bradshaw Shelter Beyond Capacity; Adoption Fees Reduced

The Bradshaw Animal Shelter is overflowing with dogs. Some had to stay in outdoor kennels earlier this week but with the rain moving in, workers have managed to squeeze them all inside.

“We have large dogs doubled up in kennels, we have small dogs four, five and six deep in kennels,” said the shelter’s Janna Haynes. “We actually moved some cat habitats out of some cat rooms so we could house dogs there.  We are stashing them every where that we can.”

In an effort to reduce overcrowding, the Bradshaw Shelter is reducing fees to just $15 and, for now, there’s no charge to adopt dogs that are at least six years old.  

The Shelter is also looking for pet lovers willing to temporarily foster a dog until they have more space in their kennels.

As for pet owners, Haynes says it’s important to make sure animals aren't left out in the rain during this weekend’s storms.

“We understand that not everybody brings their dog indoors,” she said.  “But, any dog that is in a back yard needs to have shelter where it’s warm and dry and access to food and water under the shelter.”

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