CA Senator Suggests Specialty License Plate To Help the Homeless

A legislative bill being introduced at the State Capitol would give California drivers an easy way to help the homeless.

Senator Richard Roth is behind an effort to create a specialized license plate using a hashtag as one of its seven digits.  Money raised would fund supportive services at Veterans Housing and Homelessness Prevention programs.

“These are men and women who have served our country,” said Senator Roth.  “It’s our solemn duty to make sure that we provide a path for them out of homelessness so they can succeed in society.”

The Riverside Democrat says proceeds from the specialty plates would also support services in the No Place Like Home Programs – facilities both for veterans and non-veterans who are chronically homeless or have mental disabilities. 

“The power of the hashtag is undeniable,” said Senator Roth.  “We see it every day.  It’s a way of modern messaging.  It’s a very powerful force.  We’ve seen it most recently with the #MeToo movement.” 

As a specialty license plate it would provide counseling and life skills training the homeless need to get back on their feet.

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