Brown Speaks At Annual Crime Victims’ Rights Rally

Hundreds of pictures of crime victims surrounded the west steps of the State Capitol this morning as victims rallied for reform. Protesters stole a few minutes for Stephon Clark, who they say is also a victim.

The 28th annual Victims March on the Capitol brought people to Sacramento to honor those lost and survivors of violent crime. Survivors such as  Jennifer Adkins of El Dorado County, told their stories about how crimes not currently classified as "violent" are resulting in shortened sentences for offenders. 

The rally was partly to focus attention on a ballot initiative trying to make the November election. It would re-classify many crimes such as domestic violence and human trafficking as violent crimes.

Nina Solarno Besselman, president of Crime Victims United of California says the "Keeping California Safe" initiative would help close loopholes created by recent laws. 

"Sexual abuse of a child, abuse of elders...they've downgraded them so they are no longer violent which means that these individuals who are convicted of these crimes then are being released early."

District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert was given an award for work fighting crime but Stephon Clark protesters took the opportunity to continue their call for criminal action against the officers who shot Clark. 

A small group faced off with highway patrol officers. The protesters shouted slogans while Schubert spoke but there was no further action.

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