CA Attorney General Joins Lawsuit To Protect Obamacare

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra is joining attorneys general from 15 other states in filing a motion to block a law suit he says is an attempt dismantle the Affordable Care Act.  Becerra says he is intent on protecting access to affordable care for Californians.

The Texas lawsuit, which is being heard in federal district court in Texas, imperils health care coverage and funding for all Americans, particularly more vulnerable groups like seniors, children, and people with chronic medical conditions or disabilities, according to Becerra.

Leading this coalition of attorneys general, Becerra is hoping the Texas court will allow this motion to vigorously defend the ACA.

In the motion to intervene, Becerra alleges that the ACA has not been repealed by the passage of the Republican tax break bill, and its constitutionality has been upheld by the Supreme Court.  The suit also contends that the United States Supreme Court has previously ruled that the individual mandate is constitutional, and that the state of California and every state in the United States would suffer grave harm if the plaintiffs achieved the goals of their lawsuit.

Joining Attorney General Becerra in filing today’s motion are the Attorneys General from Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Virginia, Vermont, Washington, and the District of Columbia.  

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