Sacramento Offering $1 Million To Capital City Innovators

Entrepreneurs interested in doing business in Sacramento are being invited to apply for a share of $1 million in grant money aimed at building startups in the Capital City. 

Applications are now being accepted through the city’s Rapid Acceleration, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Sacramento (RAILS) Grant Program. 

"Extra consideration points will be given to those applicants who are putting their products and services in low-income communities,” said Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg. “”We’re also specifically going to give extra points for those applicants that commit to hiring Thousand Strong students – which is our high school workforce development program."

Nicholas Haystings is using the $48,000 grant his Square Root Academy received in the RAILS Program’s initial round to expose more than 2,000 underrepresented students to the fundamentals of science and engineering.

“I hope they develop an ability to think critically and creatively solve problems,” said Haystings.  “Whether that’s in their own community or in others that they want to help.”

Alan Ware is using the 50-thosuand dollar grant his Operation Innovate received to implement engineering and computer programming classes for underserved students in Sacramento.

“We’ve been able to buy more equipment and electronic components and design curriculum,” said Ware.  “All those things take time and money.”

Application for funding through the RAILS Program are being accepted through May 7th. Click here to learn more and submit your application.

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