Big 11 Brings Mayors Together To Fight Homelessness

Mayor Darrell Steinberg welcomed the mayors to Sacramento as the group works to secure budget surplus money to fight homelessness. 

They are supporting AB 3171, a bill that would provide $1.5 billion in flexible grants to cities. The Capital event was preceded by an impromptu conversation between Mayor Steinberg and a homeless man.

[man] "At least give me a week or two hotel voucher... I've been sleeping in front of the county jail. I need somewhere to go." 

[Steinberg] "Can we... Let's see if we can get this gentleman a voucher for tonight. Why not? I mean we can certainly try. Ok?"

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti says all California cities need more housing and transitional services. 

"In Los Angeles, we have the most incredible culinary scene but there are people that are going hungry," said Garcetti. "And so for me it's about making sure nobody gets left behind."

The mayors are spending the day making their case to state lawmakers.

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