Poor People's Campaign Coordinating "Non-Violent Actions"

A movement started by Martin Luther King Junior in the 1960's is now being revived across the country.

The Poor People's Campaign is preparing for a nationally-coordinated series of what they're calling "non-violent actions" across 41 states.

“40 days of mass action aimed at changing the narrative in this country,” said California co-chairman Anthony Prince.  “Focusing attention on poverty, systemic racism, environmental degradation and the militarization of the economy.” 

Prince says the campaign is planning rallies, marches and protests to be held at the state Capitol beginning May 14th.

“Those actions will be aimed at getting the attention of the legislature and the public and changing the narrative in a very dramatic way,” Prince explained.  “It’s not going to be business as usual.”

“We have legislators who want to use the surplus to set that money aside for a rainy day,” Prince continued.  “We have people hungry, we have people in the Central Valley who are drinking poisoned water, we have seniors who have to choose between eating and heating.”   

Organizers held a public kickoff meeting Tuesday night at Sacramento's Trinity Episcopal Cathedral.  

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