Sutter County Leaders Hosting Friday Petition Drive

Lawmakers and Sutter County public safety officials are hosting a petition drive in Yuba City Friday afternoon in hopes of repealing the gas tax and keeping California safe.

Assemblyman James Gallagher is among those who'll be collecting signatures to put repealing the gas tax on the November ballot.

“They told people that the only way we could invest in our roads is by raising taxes on hardworking Californians.  That’s not true,” said Gallagher.  “Furthermore, when they passed that tax they immediately started diverting the funds to things that have nothing to do with roads.”

Deputy District Attorney Clint Curry is promoting the Keeping California Safe Act.  He says it will keep serious offenders behind bars where they belong.

“Right now, under the law, they’re releasing people who commit assaults with deadly weapons, rapes of unconscious people and human trafficking of a child,” said Curry.

State Senator Jim Nielsen and Sutter County D.A. Amanda Hopper say they'll also be at Friday's petition signing event.  It’s scheduled for noon-6pm near the intersection of Louise and Gray Avenues in Yuba City. 

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